The 2019 anhui province badminton championship has come to a successful conclusion!


On December 21stto 22nd, the 2019 "China construction decoration" cup anhui badminton championship was held in Huainan city. As a member of the sponsor, lingmei sports came to stadium early. Nearly hundreds of badminton fans from all over the province took part in the competition.

On the opening day, liang lvlin, President of anhui badminton association, wang huaikan, vice chairman of anhui badminton association, yuan bin, secretary general of anhui badminton association and other leaders addressed the opening ceremony. And I wish the competition a complete success!

During the two days of competition, the competitors competed fiercely in team events (women's team, men's team, mixed team). The players are vigorously waving rackets, small badminton flying in the air, the atmosphere is tense and intense; 

Sports competitions are cruel because they can only be measured and distinguished by winning or losing; at the same time, it is warm and full of humanity, filled with too much tenacity and tenacious struggle ... Too many people have paid a lot for this Sweat, tears and blood!

This year's badminton championship, there is such a beautiful scenery, there are two such combinations to give us a surprise, let all the people on the field praise;

Such a lovely height difference, no matter height or the great disparity in strength are larger, the competition is more psychological quality, which is very important for the growth of small players! Come on warriors, come on boys!

As one of the most important competitions in anhui provincial badminton games, the players gained a lot from this competition. Not only let the players to see and learn the province's high-level badminton skills, but also strengthen their determination to strengthen the daily training, improve their own level;
Through this competition, players from the opponent to become good friends, exchange skills, enhance friendship; Also let more people know the beautiful hometown of tofu - huainan, the competition in the award ceremony after a successful draw an end.

competition results

Youth group
No. 1: utoeban youth

Group A men's group

First prize: China construction decoration

Group A women's team

First prize: zhanshi sports

Group B men's team
First place: anhui chenyuan sports team 2

Group B women's team

1st place: Hayden tomahawk club

Group C mixed group
The first place: ma 'anshan anhui changjiang micro powder club

Congratulations to all the teams for their outstanding achievements in the 2019 anhui provincial badminton championships! Thank all the athletes and coaches for their hard work! Lingmei is willing to join hands with badminton lovers, so that more people can understand badminton, support badminton, join in the happiness of badminton.