Golden wharf sports signed "GOSEN" to win the general agent of Shandong province!


On December 1, 19, Anhui Lingmei sports co., ltd. and Japan GOSEN co., ltd. formally started strategic cooperation, and became the general agent of GOSEN China, responsible for the net feather products of GOSEN (high fiber) brand in China.


Less than a week after Lengmei just signed the contract as the general agent of "GOSEN" in China, another thing to be glad about is that Golden  wharf sports has immediately joined the big family and become the general agent of "GOSEN" in Shandong province. And they will be responsible for the promotion of "GOSEN" in badminton racket line, badminton racket, badminton, sweat absorption belt, badminton suit, badminton bag and other badminton related peripheral products in shandong province.

Ling mei sports Mr. Huang rui to gold port sports Mr. Li shoubin award


To further promote the development of badminton and raise the national health awareness, "GOSEN" will hold no less than 10 badminton tournaments in shandong province in 2020.

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The New Year will also be through a series of activities such as competition, teaching, zhang ren threading, etc., to provide a professional learning platform for the majority of players, let more people participate in and love badminton;

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"GOSEN" has a strong brand strength, all products are designed from Japan and produced independently by "GOSEN". It insists on maintaining a healthy channel system and is committed to providing a good business environment for its partners, so as to ensure the maximum benefits of customers, jointly explore the market and achieve win-win results.

Recruit outstanding domestic distributors
With "GOSEN"
Create a better future for badminton!

From 2016 to now,Llingmei sports and Golden wharf sports have been working hand in hand again and again, colliding to create a development opportunity again and again, always using quality to conquer the hearts of consumers, let more people know about badminton, participate in the national health campaign!

In order to further arouse the attention of society for the deaf people, society is energy, for public welfare activities, on Dec. 7, the sixth floor in the center of the Shandong province table tennis badminton badminton training venue, held a special badminton match deaf health fusion, sharing "feather" the second "GOSEN cup" in Shandong province deaf health badminton tournament!

In the game, the deaf players pick the ball, drop the ball, kill the ball all technical proficiency, attack overwhelming, defense dripping water, for the game brought a visual feast.

"Let more people fall in love with a sport", as the operation concept of golden pier sports, advocates the close combination of sports with life and work to build a sports fitness platform.

Since its establishment, Shandong Golden Wharf Sports has made full use of social sports resources, organized and hosted large-scale events with great appeal, served the masses of the people in a wide range of fitness needs, and provided more and better services for all sectors of society;

Sports communication, hand in hand. Lengmei sincerely treats each customer, consistently completes each product, lets each user like, makes each customer become the permanent cooperation partner. In the future, we will continue to deepen the domestic market and refine the international market; Continue to promote technological innovation, with the core technology products to enhance the competitiveness of the brand.