2019 east, west, north, south badminton competition "Ling mei cup" shandong province trials ended!


On August 4

2019 east, west, north, south badminton competition

(" Ling mei cup "Shandong provincial tryouts)

In the Donghe stadium, Jinan Olympic sports center

A successful ending

Ball for this match: Lingmei no. 5

This trial is sponsored by China badminton association and Shandong badminton association, 

undertaken by Jjinan sports bureau, Shandong Jinmatou sports culture development co., LTD., Jinan badminton association, 

and named by Anhui Lingmei sports products co., LTD.

The competition lasted 2 days and attracted more than 500 badminton fans from all over the country. The competition was divided into 7 groups according to age. There were 5 events of men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles.The top eight players in each category will be eligible to enter for the national east, west, south, north and south badminton regional competitions.

Badminton enthusiasts to participate in this competition not only province, and outside the province, foreign also have to participate in, making competition in shandong province, two days become a badminton game of "wulin assembly", especially the key for the game, the intense, exciting, wonderful players on the pitch or smashes, or down, you come to me to, the score, alternately is fierce.

The east, west, north, south  badminton competition is the mass badminton competition with the largest scale and highest level in China. It is held once a year. Up to now, it has been successfully held for more than 20 years.

"The reason why Chinese badminton has developed very well is that these badminton lovers have a solid foundation. Although this is an amateur game, the players play a 'professional style'. They exchange skills and experience on the court, and enjoy the health and happiness brought by badminton while playing.