The 23rd China university student badminton championship is in progress, cheer for lingmei - anhui athletes!


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It is blood + sweat, say goodbye to lazy, refuse decadence, do an action!It is a group of energetic badminton players with fire passion to achieve their spirit of not giving up and not being discouraged, with the persistence and faith of winning, anhui lingmei sports fighting spirit brought to the national college students badminton championship arena, show anhui badminton style!

Anhui provincial badminton team coach yu binglong before the exchange

Over the years, lingmei sports has always been committed to promoting the development of domestic badminton, and has been providing professional rackets, badminton, uniforms, training equipment and accessories for anhui provincial badminton team for a long time.

Anhui normal university team before the game photo

The place that there is badminton competition all over the country, most little beautiful figure of beautiful beautiful, this time our native place college -- anhui normal university team -- from badminton equipment to match dress, shoe also is beautiful beautiful beautiful support sponsor vigorously, let the member have no worry at home heart competition, follow small make up to see wonderful spot together!

The 23rd China university badminton championship

The curtain goes up at the dragon and lion show on July 19!

At the beginning of the opening ceremony, the warm and wonderful opening performance let the scene personnel cheers!

The dance "interpret a dream" constructs the grand Chinese dream of national rejuvenation and shows the patriotism of contemporary college students.

Flag dance wave, hunting shengwei, indicating that the current dayu game will be very wonderful, complete, with the athletes march sounded, judges, athletes have been admitted.

There were 107 participants and 677 college players in the current China university badminton championship.The university "principal cup" badminton competition also entered the first day of battle, 141 Ministry of Education, provincial departments and bureaus concerned and university leaders signed up to participate in the "principal cup" competition!After the opening ceremony, the events were carried out in an orderly manner.

| members of anhui normal university team: huang xilong, zhang zijing, tian kairui and zheng xiang.

During the break, anhui normal university team participating coach yi mingbing in the team guidance.

Liang lvlin, President of anhui provincial badminton association, and wang yuanhao, President of sino-australian college, played a good competitive level in the "President's cup". While enjoying the happiness brought by the competition, they also showed the excellent spirit of fighting hard, communicating with others, and showing the sportsmanship of handsome athletes.

The game is still in hot progress, let's cheer for all the players in this competition, I wish anhui team members in this competition to achieve excellent results!